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I took over a struggling program at my hometown in Rule TX. The year before I arrived, the team didn’t finish the season due to low numbers. I accepted the job and my first season we finished a dismal 2-7 and had 7 players.


That offseason/summer I really started to read and apply what I learned in Culture Defeats Strategy by Coach Randy Jackson.

The biggest 'take homes' from CDS we have used at Rule are:

- core values

- how to implement a true offseason program based on competition

- players earning everything

- 'how to bring the juice'

- the importance of getting 1% better each day


My second year at Rule we had 15 players come out and we finished 5-5 on the season with a lot of young talent coming and our JH won the district championship. I am grateful for all the help Coach Jackson has done for me and my program.  We will continue to create an intentional culture here and I firmly believe we will never look back.  

I have already begun to use some of Coach Jackson's philosophies and systems from Culture Defeats Strategy 2 and his digital resources as well.  We are excited about our program in Rule.  Use Coach Jackson's systems and you will see your team improve as well.

Kade Kittley

Head Football Coach 

Rule High School

Rule, Texas

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