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I met Coach Jackson at the 2012 NFL Coaches Youth Summit. From that moment on my coaching journey has involved Coach Jackson and his player-first, culture development mindset. I was blessed with a chance to travel and visit Coach Jackson for his offseason workouts at North Forney. Walking into the facility you see Coach Jackson’s influence on the school building as a whole. The whole school is proud to be a GOON!


Since the visit and reading through both CDS books we have implemented many of Coach Jackson’s strategies in our program at West Anchorage.


Elements of his program such as:

-boot camp

-player google surveys

-daily competition

-earning spots in the locker room

-daily life lessons


These and other systems we have 'borrowed' from Coach Jackson continue to make West Anchorage live up to its motto of #OneEagle.


At West Anchorage, our values of CONNECT, COMPETE, RESPOND are taught, developed, and applied using Coach Jackson’s culture-building tools. The impact of Coach Jackson has led to greater attendance in our offseason programs than ever before and a connected community authentically cares and works for each other.

West Anchorage football was outstanding before we began creating an 'on purpose' culture but with Coach Jackson's influence, we have grown in so many ways.  Your program will as well!


Tim Davis

Head Football Coach 

West Anchorage High School

Anchorage, Alaska

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