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I became the Head Coach of the Beloit Memorial boys hockey team in 2014. While we've had some success over that time, including a trip to the Sectional Final in 2017, our past two seasons have found us on a downswing. Which, in turn, had me questioning, after 23 years in the coaching profession, whether it was time for  me to turn in my whistle, so to speak.

And then I came across Coach Jackson's books CDS 1&2.


What a shot in the arm!!


Being a Co-op program (we have players from 5 different schools), I always felt that our challenge in bringing players together as a "team" was more difficult due to the players not being in the same school and around each other through the day. Through CDS 1&2, I came to realize that our main challenge wasn't one of locations, but of a lack of INTENTIONALITY.


We failed to be intentional with our actions and expectations as a staff when we were together with the players. I was focused more on the negatives of the issues than in finding a solution to them. Coach Jackson's books, along with other resources he has available, have helped me retake ownership of the program that I have a lot of pride (it is my alma mater) in being a part of it.

A few of the concepts from Coach Jackson that we will look to institute into are program this season are:

- Mission and Vision statements both verbalized and written throughout our facility

- Everything Matters Everyday

- Leadership Council (giving the players a stake in the program and through which to teach accountability.

Along with many more.....I can't thank Coach Jackson enough for not only recharging my battery, but
providing a detailed BLUEPRINT on how to transform our program into one that not only our team can be
proud of, but the school and community as well.

Kurt Buchs

Head Hockey Coach 

Beloit Memorial

Beloit, Wisconsin

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