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Well, I started by reading Randy's first book, Culture Defeats Strategy.  I had followed him on twitter and ran across a book that I thought I would read to give myself a chance to grow.  Well, upon reading the book my first thought, and not sure why my first thought is always a questioning thought, but it was - is this stuff really going on???  So being a person not scared to learn, I got in touch with Randy and went to North Forney for a visit.  I spent 2 days and saw enough to know that he was doing all that the book said they were doing and left quite impressed.  From there I begin to investigate more.  


I actually championed for Randy to speak at our MHSAA All Sports Clinic in July the following year and brought him into Pearl for a 1-day clinic on a separate occasion.  My thought was that he is on the leading edge of Culture Development and this is an area where coaches can get an advantage.


From my time with Randy, I have implemented many things that have benefited our program.  First and foremost are the daily lessons.  We will start the majority of days with a powerpoint lesson covering a core value.  With that, we will discuss the core value for the day and always have a couple of videos to go with it.


We also used his model in selecting how we teach our core values.  As for putting a core value with a day and having a definition, hand signal, etc.  


These daily lessons have become a staple of what we do.  The same core values it takes to be a great daddy and husband are the same core values it takes to be a great teammate and football player. So we are going to intentionally teach our kids these lessons. 


We have also gone 'all in' on Randy's philosophy of competing for everything.  We kick them out of the locker room and make them earn their way back in.  This has been very productive as well.  


I could go on and on but at the end of the day if your not on the Culture Factory bus you are missing out and more importantly, your kids are missing out.


I have had several coaches move on to become head coaches and I believe what and how we teach our core values is one of the biggest reasons why they have gotten the jobs.  School districts want winners but they also want people who change kids' lives for the better.  Culture and Randy Jackson can help with that.  We are living proof. 


I am looking forward to my next visit to #goonville and the opportunity to learn.  We are going to continue using Coach Jackson's principles and philosophies as we build an elite culture in Nixa.

John Perry

Head Football Coach

Nixa High School

Nixa, Missouri

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Coach Perry was the head football coach at Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi for 12-years.  He has won multiple coach of the year awards and led the Pirates to a 16-0, 6A state championship in 2017!  

He has an overall record of 147-69 and is the winningest coach in the history of Pearl.  The state championship team was only the 3rd in the history of Mississippi to complete a 16-0 season record.

In 2020, Coach Perry retired from the Mississippi school system and has now taken over a new 'factory' in Nixa, Missouri.

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