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I have been following Coach Jackson's career since he was hired at Mesquite Poteet in 2010. I was new to coaching then and wanted to be a Head Coach in the future. I consider him a mentor although we have only communicated via email and social media. 


I became the Head Coach of Green Mountain in 2018 and read Culture Defeats Strategy soon thereafter. It was my manual heading into the interview process and to build my vision for the program.

We created core values and established credos for all of them. Each player must recite both the core values and the credo to earn a spot in the locker room. We have core value 'players of the year' and recognize them at our football banquet.


We use a variation of battalions. We call them boat crews. Leadership Academy has been an outstanding addition to our routine to stress our culture. We have built championship notebooks the last two seasons and our players love that as much as anything we do. 


Our first year we finished 9-3 and won our conference. It was the first time our school had won the conference as well as a playoff game for the first time in 19 years. This we finished year 10-3 and lost in the semifinals to the state champions. 


Just today, a group of our seniors of Team 44 spoke with Team 45 (next year's team).

It was incredibly touching to hear all the things they took from our leadership and culture training. I mean that. It was truly moving.  

- Like coach says you have to get 1% better”


- “Guys, I use these core values in anything I do. It’s all about toughness. It’s mental, not physical.”


- “My favorite core value is Family. Going to the playoffs is awesome but the practices, bus rides, time in the weight room is what I will remember most.”

We have accomplished so much in a few short years and we credit many of it to ideas from Coach Jackson’s book. We are also using his digital resources and video courses.

Coach Jackson has meant made such an impact on me and my career.  If I ever write a book he will be in it. 

Culture defeats strategy and twice on game day. 

Jesse German

Head Football Coach 

Green Mountain High School

Lakewood, Colorado

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