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I began to implement a LOT of Culture Defeats Strategy after I read the book in the spring of 2018.  Then, I got to listen to Coach Jackson speak at the Texas Six-Man Coaches Clinic the following summer and got to hear first hand how he creates an intentional culture.  Later that afternoon, a few of us had lunch with Coach Jackson and were able to ask him questions and pick his brain for a couple of hours.  This brought more clarity to me and gave me more confidence in my culture journey.

I don't know that the teams that we've had since I have implemented Culture Defeats Strategy into our program have been the most talented groups in my 13 years at Jayton, but they have been my two highest achieving groups.  We made a run to the state semi-finals in 2018 and then came in ranked #1 in the 2019 preseason polls.  We finished 13-1 and lost a heart-breaker by a touchdown in the state quarterfinals this year.

Our mantra has become "Tough People Win".  Our players, coaches, school, and community have bought into toughness and it has given us an edge in every sport.

Not coincidentally, our basketball team made it to our first state championship last year and is currently 25-3 with a top 5 state ranking at this time.

Coach Jackson's systems in Culture Defeats Strategy and Culture Defeats Strategy 2 have changed our athletic programs.  Our players have changed also.  A lot of the credit goes to him and CDS.

I'm a believer and you will be also when you see what your team will achieve when you get serious about creating a culture. 

Josh Stanaland

Head Football Coach / Athletic Director

Jayton High School

Jayton, Texas

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