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Culture Defeats Strategy gave our coaching staff the courage and confidence to revamp our team's culture!  Using CDS as a model, we collectively met on a spring retreat, defined the values we believed were the most valuable for those in our program and community, then began to theme our daily practices and routines around those values.  

Each of our principles has a hand gesture and a short phrase that aligns with our mission and vision.  

Since originally reading Culture Defeats Strategy, we have combined Coach Jackson's ideas and insights into our own path to success we call our Team MVP, which I write about in my book More Than The Game. 

Coach Jackson has been an incredible thought-leader in an industry driven by archaic traditions and his work on both of his books continue to shape the future of our profession!

We at Denison will continue to 'get in' the Culture Factory

now that he has made available his 'holy grail' leadership lesson resources and other materials.  The mental game is truly the new way to gain the edge and Coach Jackson's ideas and philosophies are at the forefront.  

John Torrey

Assistant Coach 

Denison High School

Denison, Iowa

Author: 'More Than The Game'

Co-host of 'The Culture Classroom' podcast

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