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The Dunham School football program has improved and I have improved dramatically since I began my relationship with Coach Jackson.

I had the pleasure of first hearing Coach Jackson speak almost ten years ago at a Tony Franklin seminar.  I still remember him talking about the power of convincing your players of greatness and the story he told that a movie would be made about his team and that Will Ferrell would play him as the head coach. 


I left the session knowing that I wanted our players to 'lay in traffic' for our coaches.  Having players and coaches be relational is vital to the success of any program and Coach Jackson's systems are easy to implement.  His resources make it extremely convenient and simple to use with your team daily or weekly.

Coach Jackson's core value system is the foundation of our culture.  Six years ago, we established and presented core values for our program at The Dunham School.  The idea of core values has always been at the heart of all we do at DHS, but never with the intentionality that Randy describes in his books, articles, videos and presentations.  

In 2017, Randy came and presented to our staff his system for establishing culture.  After his visit, we became more strategic in teaching and emphasizing our core values daily.  Now, we are teaching our core values and program principals are our school-wide chapel services.  We have young, lower-school students sharing our H.E.A.T. values with their parents at home!

Our H.E.A.T. core values are:

- Heart

- Effort

- Attitude

- Toughness

Two seasons ago, we finished the regular season undefeated and advanced to the state quarter-finals.  We were led by the #1 recruit in the nation, Derek Stingley, Jr.  He is an incredible young man and a generational talent.  With Derek moving on to LSU, most folks in the community (and the state) assumed we would struggle to find the same success in 2018.  Without a doubt, the culture of our program is what kept us going and experiencing even more success!

We finished just four points from being undefeated in the regular season and advanced to the state semi-finals for only the second time in school history!

We all want sustainable success that doesn't just happen when we have elite players.  If you want to create this type of culture, implement Coach Jackson's systems for your program.

Neil Weiner

Head Football Coach 

The Dunham School

Baton Rouge, LA

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