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We all know the ‘typical family’ stats aren’t good but let’s look at today’s home life. Our teams are full of players with a dad barely raising them or not raising them at all.

  • 40% have no dad at home.

  • 40% have a distracted dad who travels too much, etc.

  • 20% have a ‘normal dad’ who is home most of the time.

In 2001, the federal government unveiled a new education initiative called ‘No Child Left Behind.’ One thing the unpopular program did (it was repealed in 2015) figured out the average 10-year span of human development. They called it the critical decade and for most of us, it’s between the ages of 15-25. At age 25, the average person is getting married and starting the cycle all over again by having kids of their own.

What did they say was the #1 factor that led to ‘normal’ adults, those who had made it out of the critical decade? They had – on average – FIVE adults they felt cared about them, we're there for them and had their best interest at heart.

If you have kids, I hope they have five.  

Everyone reading this who deals with kids - BE ONE OF THE FIVE for them.

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