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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

When the Navy Seals are in a state of confusion and are not sure what to do, their default is to be AGGRESSIVE.

This is a great way to think about things today. Things are uncertain, so many are sheltering in place, and life is 10000% different than it was a month ago. 

What should we do?


General George S. Patton led the 3rd Army through Europe in WWII. His troops covered more ground in less time than any commander in the war. He was always in ATTACK MODE. 

His first command was in the North African campaign, and he told his troops," "We shall attack and attack until we are exhausted, and then we shall attack again."

When Patton was a cadet at West Point, he was leading a team in controlled-combat maneuvers. His team's objective was to capture the high ground and take command of a post guarded by another team. At one point, he and his team came to a crossroads, and he had to make a decision. 

Should they go left or right? 

He chose left. 

This was a mistake as many of the other team had troops waiting to ambush them. 

Patton was distraught knowing he would be reprimanded for this mistake, but to his surprise, the commanders in charge of the maneuvers praised him for MAKING A DECISION AND BEING AGGRESSIVE.. "You didn't sit and wait and put all your men in danger by being passive", Patton was told.

I have made lots of mistakes in my lifetime but they are usually made as I am going forward.  As an offensive coach, I do not care about the perfect play call.  I care we get the play in fast and GO.  Attacking will make up for mistakes as the game progresses.

Right now we must go forward and be in attack mode. There are no perfect play calls right now.  When things are uncertain we cannot sit and wait until things get clear to make a decision.  

Set your default to AGGRESSION and go attack today!

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