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Young people today have a VOICE more than any other generation in the history of humanity. Parents ask them, "where would you like to go out to eat?", they retweet things, 'like' things, and post on social media always. A 16-year-old can post something 'stupid' and have other adolescents all over the world comment, give a thumbs up, etc., about the post within minutes.

When most of us reading this were kids, we didn't have a voice. My dad would say, "don't drink that too fast; you are getting another Coke." (back when there weren't refills) No one cared what I thought about most things and certainly didn't write a short post and submit it to the world for review. I tried to be a good kid and spoke when I was spoken to!! :)

Fast-forward to 2021. You must reach your players where they are, not where you were at sixteen. Elite coaches adapt to the current climate.

There is one simple tactic you can add right now that will improve your team's culture - GIVE THEM A VOICE.

Ask them questions. Do a daily leadership lesson and ask their opinion. Expressing themselves is their 'love language'; they want a voice. Ask them what they think about current events, things other than your sport. GET THEM TALKING.

Get your players engaged more and see if you notice a difference. I bet you will.

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