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I would rather read a book, watch a clinic on youtube or a class online than watch something on T.V.

The pic above is of notes I took while watching ex-NBA coach Kevin Eastman speak on why the 'best are the best' to the 'other' mastermind group (non-coaching) where I am a member. He also has authored a book by the same title that I am now reading.

Coach Eastman's presentation was outstanding. His main message was the elite stay 'LEARN IT ALL' and are extremely curious.

"What did I do yesterday to allow me to succeed today?" was one of the things that stuck with me as well as his definition of preparation and intentional.

"Preparation is; 'being there before you are there.'

"Intentional is; 'doing something on purpose to fulfill your purpose."

Carolina Panthers head coach, Matt Rhule, told me once he watches a coaching clinic on YouTube before going to bed every night as he sent me a link to Greg Popovich talking to basketball coaches in Berlin about coaching the fundamentals (it's a good one!).

Because you are reading this, I know you are at least interested in being better. But, if you want to be ELITE, you must be on a mission! You must learn something every day and write it down in your 'WILT' book.

What is a 'WILT' book? WHAT I LEARNED TODAY. Get a journal-type book and write something in it every - single - day, and you will become one of the top 1% who is the elite of their profession.

What do I use to add 'good stuff' to my WILT book?

  • The Success Hotline (973) 743-4690

  • Podcast

  • Audiobooks (don't get in your car and listen to music, that is so average)

  • YouTube clinics


  • The 'other' (non-coaching) mastermind group I am a member of.

Prepare and be intentional. People who dominate their profession do not spend hours and hours watching T.V., cat videos, surf social media, etc. They find a way to learn something every day. Get a WILT book; it will help hold you accountable, and you will have your 'what I learned today' in one place where you can quickly go back and access it.

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