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As we approach Thanksgiving, its time for football coaches (this is great for ANY coach) to find a way to thank the seniors who have given us so much this season and seasons before.

At North Forney, we make a video 'thank you'. Each coach will thank the seniors in his own words in a 15-30 second interview. We have a student, which I'm sure all of you do also, who makes highlight videos during the year. He knocks this task out with no problem. He will compile all the interviews, edit them, etc. I go last and my 'thank you' as the head coach is a little longer-1 min or so.

We post our thank you video on social media and send it to our parents through our mass communication system (we use WhatsApp). As you can imagine, PARENTS LOVE IT. We will also play this before our awards ceremony when we are looping pictures and videos.

I first saw this at an SMU game on the jumbotron before 'senior day' a few years back. Chad Morris and his staff gave heartfelt thanks to their guys and it was powerful. I knew immediately this is something we can and should do. It has been a home run ever since.

What are you doing to say THANK YOU to your players or those you are leading? Young people don't spend all their time watching cat videos...they are making and posting their own videos! Take a little time and thank them 2019 style.

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