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I have been on Twitter for about ten years now. I take pride that my tweets about others are 99% positive, uplifting, and encouraging. Now and then, I will tweet something I think is funny. Today, during Super Bowl LV, I tweeted, 'is the KC punter the 'girl-kicker' from Wake'?

I thought it was funny. It was totally about the punter Tommy Townsend's long hair and nothing to do with his performance. It wasn't very wise. The 'girl kicker' I was referring to was Sarah Fuller, from Wake Forest, whom I have the utmost respect.

ANYWAY...the Twitter world let me have it. Some valid, most over the top like we are now, and my response could have been better 100%.

Now, what do I do? I made a joke about hair and embarrassed the program and the high school.

I MUST TEACH ABOUT IT on Monday. I sent this out the other day, but we use Monday's for 'Manhood Monday' to teach life lessons on various topics. We have already covered the dangers of social media, and now I get to be the REAL LIFE EXAMPLE. My players know my heart. They will know 100% I didn't mean it to be sexist. I will tell them it doesn't matter; social media doesn't know your heart.

We all make mistakes, and mine was very public. I have one real choice to make: be a dad to my team and explain to them what my lapse in judgment caused on Twitter. Be transparent with them to see first-hand how 'foot in mouth' on social media can affect them.

If this ever happens to you, use it as a teachable moment with your team. Your team will be like my goons, forgiving and more equipped to navigate their futures.

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