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I am convicted one of my #1 roles as a head coach is to help RAISE THEM UP. As most of you know, we spend intentional time each day teaching our culture. The players love this time we have with them. We make sure we engage them and allow them to participate.

I 100% believe a daily meeting is 'THE SECRET' to creating an elite culture. We preach self-growth, grit, work ethic, leadership, being a good teammate, etc. If you spend 10-12 min a day TEACHING them, they will buy-in! the offseason, we will spend one day a week showing them how to 'adult' correctly. We call it 'MANHOOD MONDAYS.' Coaches select a week to teach what is on their hearts. Something they would want their own 16-year old son to master.

We have only been in this a few weeks, but topics have been:

  • Social media and how to manage it correctly

  • Job interview skills

  • Shake hands like a man

Upcoming topics:

  • How to change a tire

  • Knife and fork etiquette (we will have a guest speaker for this one)

  • Tie a tie

  • Iron their clothes

  • Perform the Heimlich Maneuver

  • Go to the front door and speak to the parents when picking up their date.

  • Change the oil in a car.

  • Write a letter

We still teach these skills just like we do in our 'Leadership Academy'. We use powerpoint, movie clips, and anything else we can find. Some weeks we use two days for this and it is time well spent.

This list is almost endless. Our young people need us to help raise them up! Spend one day a week and change some lives.

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