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I do not write much during the season. Of course, my first responsibility is to the North Forney Falcons, and I mentally have a hard time carving out a couple of hours to create a blog.

I had a peer text me last week and ask me if there is anything we do to have a little fun towards the end of the season. The grind is real. You must be intentional with keeping it fun and having your players continue to want to stay motivated after months of being coached hard.

The day after I received the text, our team captains said to me, "coach, let's do some fun stuff each day at the end of practice during our open date." They were right on the money.

We have an open date this week, and we created something that will become a tradition for as long as I coach when we need to have some fun as a team.

We came up with the 'BIG BOY BOWL,' a game of 7 v. 7 at the end of practice on Monday. Two of our captains are true big boys (an offensive lineman and a defensive lineman). They became captains of the two teams, and we drafted participants.

  • The 'Big Boy Bowl' will be played at the end of practice for 15 minutes.

  • Each team must have players from our offense and defense.

  • One of our coaches will be the quarterback for both teams.

  • After a touchdown, our 'real' kickers will hold for the team captains to kick the PAT.

After the captains drafted the teams, both

posted them on our team's WhatsApp, and the 'trash talking' began. Our guys have something to get them excited about coming to practice tomorrow. Just what we needed during a Thanksgiving open date with no school.

If you have something your program does to create some post-practice fun, please share with me. Our players (and even coaches) need it!

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