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Nine-year-old Mark couldn't sleep. He accidentally left his stuffed animal, 'Joshie,' at the hotel, and now he was lying in bed, stressing about his safety. His dad told him, "Joshie is just taking a few more days of vacation. He is having a great time. and I'm sure he will be back soon."

The next day Mark's dad called the Ritz Carlton and asked if they had located 'Joshie.' He also told them the story he told Mark and asked if they could take a picture of the stuffed animal sitting by the pool so Mark would 'buy it.'

A few days later, 'Joshie' came back to Mark in the mail. The box was not only the stuffed animal but a photo album w/ much more than one pic. The staff at Ritz did way more than they had to; they took pics of 'Joshie' not only at the pool but also in the fitness center working out, in the restaurant eating, on the beach, in the security room looking at monitors, and many more!

The other day, I watched one of our young coaches (2nd year), and I thought to myself, "what is it about him that makes him a 'dude'?"  He is a coach who is already on my 'we can't live without him' list.

I immediately thought of the story about 'Joshie.'  This coach is just like the 'Ritz,' he is always doing more than is expected and doing it with a smile and 'juice.'

"When giving an order, 10% is the order itself, and 90% is making sure it gets done." General George S. Patton

You don't have to be a play-caller to be a 'dude'. Coaches or anyone who are always looking for a way to do 'more than is expected' are irreplaceable. 

If you want to be special to your supervisor, 'bring the juice' as you take on assignments not like they are punishments, but like they are opportunities to show you are a 'dude.'

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