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Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and best-selling author, says he has a proven method he shares with companies to double their sales. It is a simple formula that has been tested and proven in over 52 countries. Most salespeople think of their income in terms of what they make a month or week when they should be thinking of what they make per minute. According to a Columbia University study, the average salesperson works 90 minutes per day. Excuse me? Commission-only salespeople's salaries are totally dependent on sales, and they spend 6.5 hours a day NOT selling? When you factor in extended coffee breaks, lunch, getting ready to speak to a customer, etc., they only talk to the people who provide their salary 90 minutes a day! "The Law of Probabilities states that you can increase success by doing more of what successful people do. Successful salespeople are organized and on a mission each day. They spend more time talking to customers than non-productive salespeople. When I tell companies all they have to do is get their salespeople to talk to clients three hours a day, and they will double their sales, they look at me like I'm crazy." How much time are you spending each day on what's most important? It is a simple formula; if you want more sales, you spend more 'face time' with clients. If you want to learn more, you read books, listen to a podcast, or reach out to the experts. All of us want to improve in some area of our lives. Figure out how much time, in minutes, you are spending on getting better. Double the minutes for a month and see how much improvement you see. The Law of Probability says you will double your success!

Lets gggggggooooooooo!

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