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Measureable - able to be measured - something that can be quantified, especially a sports player's height and weight.

Intangible - unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.

The NFL draft begins tonight (thank you, Jesus, for some live 'sports'!), and you will hear LOTS and LOTS of commentary from analysts about the elite athletes being drafted. 99% of the discussion will be about each athletes' 'measurables'. Height, weight, arm wingspan, hand length, injury history, vertical jump, 40-time, shuttle time, and much more! 

We will hear tonight about players who have 'moved up the board' since the end of the season. I don't understand this a lot, tbh. Last year the Cowboys drafted Trysten Hill, a defensive tackle, in the second round (their first pick) who wasn't a full-time starter in college! This means his motor didn't always run high and give great effort. Players who had no chance to play in the NFL were chosen to be on the field more than him. Hill did not play much this year and is at this time considered a disappointment; hopefully, he will turn it around. NFL teams do this every year. They begin looking at how big and fast a player is at the combine or on their pro day, and won't be able to resist the temptation of what they could become.  The problem is, intangibles determine how all of us 'overachieve' or not. It will happen in this year's draft. C'mon man!

I talk to my team every year when the draft occurs and tell them this, "You need to hope your favorite team drafts very good players who were TEAM CAPTAINS." Team captains have measurables and intangibles. They are not only one of the best players on the team but also are players who love the game and their teammates.

We should celebrate and value intangibles more. Reach out to your players and ask them to track how many college team captains their favorite team selects in the year's draft. We will hear a lot about speed, strength, and 'quick-twitch' from the analyst this weekend. We won't hear nearly enough about CHARACTER.


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