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On December 5th, Bob Wager, campus coordinator and head football coach at Arlington Martin High School, will be our ECMM guest. We will be discussing interview tactics to land a head coaching job (for any sport).

I am getting a few inquiries from clients and non-clients about interview packets, what questions they should ask in the interview, etc.

I heard Bob speak a few years ago at a clinic on how to interview, and he crushed it. December 5th will be 60-90 minutes of how land your next job!

Until then, below are a few bullet points you can use to prepare if you will be sending resumes this winter or to file away for the future.


  • Sherlock Holmes the situation. Do your research! I took a job once that I thought was my 'dream job' but realized it was a terrible fit for my family and me within just a few months. Whose fault is this? My fault; I should have done more research instead of just 'hoping for the best.'

  • Create an interview packet. It doesn't need to be 100 pages and overwhelm them, but it should have everything you want them to know about their future program.

  • Have something they can put in their pocket after the interview other than a packet. Make a tri-fold pamphlet, a poker chip with ALL IN on one side, and core values you will use on the other. Anything like this will make an impact. You will probably be the only candidate with something extra for them.

  • Use pictures! I can't stress this enough. Use photos on everything you give them, not only shots of you and your family but of you coaching in games and at practice.

  • Get the packet to the committee a few days in advance. Ask the superintendent, athletic director, or human resources secretary how many will be on the committee. Ask if you drop them off a few days before and if she would be willing to get them to the committee a few days in advance for you.

  • Dress up for the interview. Wear a tie and make sure it is one with the school colors. Find ways to get the edge in every aspect of the process.


  • Practice the question, 'tell us about yourself' beforehand. This is always the first question asked! Be concise and precise. If you ramble for five minutes on this question, you are already behind the eight ball.

  • Body language matters! Lean forward in your chair so that you can have 'big' body language.

  • Be intense with responses. I used to make the mistake of trying to get the committee to like me through laughter. Turning a program around is no laughing matter. Be likable but intense.

  • Be a problem solver. This is from a previous blog, but Nick Saban supposedly asks committees, 'what is the #1 problem here that needs to be solved?' After the answer, he explains to them how he will solve it. Being a problem solver is a terrific mindset for each of us to have during an interview.

  • Use scenarios over philosophy. When you are asked about a situation, tell them what you have done in the past with a specific example. Put them in the event mentally with a story of how you solved an issue.

  • Ask questions when given the opportunity. Have a few written down, so you don't forget.

  • It's painful to win; find out if they are committed to winning. If the administration does not want to change other than replacing the head coach, it probably isn't where I would like to be.

  • How do you find out if they are committed to winning? Ask them questions that do not require additional funds; will you be able to bring in a few of your coaches, if they have an athletic period, are they willing to move it, anything you uncovered when researching the situation.

  • Money does matter. Ask them about the athletic budgets of all sports. Not only how much they are, but when is the last time they were increased?

  • Do not ask about your potential salary (you should have an idea from your research) but ask them about assistant coaches' stipends and when was the last time they were increased.

  • Don't be too humble. You must separate yourself from the other candidates! You have a finite amount of time to convince the committee you will solve their issues and are the person for this job!


  • Send them all a personal email thanking them for allowing you to interview.

  • if you do not get the job, ask for feedback from the A.D. or anyone on the committee who will help you improve.

On December 5th, Coach Wager will bring all of this to life and add much more to the conversation!

The Elite Coaches' Mastermind helps coaches BECOME MORE!

Contact me if you are interested in taking the next step by joining a community of winners!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am grateful to be a part of the coaching community. We are changing lives!

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