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Coach Jackson and Culture Defeats Strategy both have fingerprints all over our program.   I was convicted when I read his first book that we must become more 'on purpose' with our culture and not just 'hope for best' as he puts it.

We started small and started using his 'TPW' (tough people win).

Our players bought into this mindset quickly as we stressed being tough in everything we did.  This simple phrase aligned with how I wanted our players to not only approach and attack football but life in general.

The next step we took was to implement core values.  As Randy suggests, our players selected the values with guidance from our staff.  Our core values are: 

- Energy / 'Bring the Juice'

- Tough

- Discipline

- Pride

- Family

Each year we begin offseason with the infamous '?' mark shirts along with his system of kicking everyone out of the varsity locker room and earning their way back in by defeating a teammate through combative competition (wrestling).  We implemented boot camp with our players having to bring an 'item of the day'. 

Coach Jackson's system of 'overtime' and players having to earn their way to shower after the workout has been a terrific addition to our program.  Our players know they must compete 100% on every drill to finish the workout. Our program became an 'everything matters' and attention to detail operation!


Lamar Consolidated football has improved dramatically since the winter of '16 when I first visited Randy and observed his offseason program.

- 2016 - 0-10

- 2017 - 2-6 (Hurricane Harvey year),

- 2018 - 7-4 (playoffs)

- 2019 - 9-3 and won the first playoff game at LCHS since 2007!

I recently have accepted an offer to be the head football coach at Ridge Point High School.  It is a dream job in the community where I live (I previously commuted 40 minutes to Lamar Consolidated) and my son attends RPHS.  Coach Jackson's approach to creating culture and program philosophies had a direct result on me getting this new opportunity.  We will be 'all in' on using the same systems at Ridge Point.  I can't wait to see how our program improves each year.

Rick Lafavers

Head Football Coach / Campus Coordinator

Ridge Point High School

Fort Bend, TX

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