In 2017, I learned the Fast N' Wide offense, and we scored an incredible 53 points per game using it.  I was blown away by the simplicity of the offense!  FNW is literally 'back yard football!'

Fast N' Wide is different than any offense out there.  The splits of the wide receivers, the tempo, the power running game, to name a few key aspects.

We have all went to clinics and taken plays back to our coaches and players.  But, before you know it, your offense is a bunch of plays.  FAST N' WIDE is a system!

I was never going to share this offense with anyone, then in 2020, the quarantine hit.  I got bored.  After a month or so, I figured 'what the heck'.  We all learned how to zoom, so I will share coaches from far away and see what happens.  


Our group has a 'fight club' mentality.  Members sign a non-disclosure agreement to not share with anyone.  Fast N' Wide clinics will never be a video series or will 'playbooks', etc. be for sale.

You will learn things that will change how you attack defenses for the rest of your career.  I guarantee it.

In April of this year, I will be traveling to Potsdam, Germany to be the offensive coordinator of the the Potsdam Royals of the German Football League!  FNW members will get a front-row seat as we play faster than any team in the history of Europe!

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"SIMPLE is the word that describes FNW for me.  Our receivers do not have a position name, but are all interchangeable and we can sub without any issues.  We have one basic pass play and do not have a need to do a 'pass skel' session anymore!  Our two-way players have a much easier time getting on the field now. 


FNW has rejuvenated me.  It has completely changed how I process offense after 26-years in the business!

Head Coach - Texas

Enrollment - 400


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1. HUDL ACCESS to ALL zoom sessions from 2020 to the present!

- 4 seasons of North Forney game video and cut-ups from 2017 to 2020

- NCAA game video of teams who are FNW!

-Client game video and cut-ups

- Potsdam training videos from 2022 where I am teaching the offense to Royals players!

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2. WHATSAPP coaches' group.

You will get access to a fraternity of coaches from all over the U.S. who post questions and comments (we have lots of fun) every day!

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"I'm not sure who loves Fast N' Wide more, our players or our coaches' wives.  The simplicity is just what we needed!  We are not trying to out-scheme opponents any longer, we are out-executing and amazing tempo.  We will be a FNW program from now on!

Head Coach - South Carolina

Enrollment - 1,900


1. SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDER - Email me and say 'I want in' and you and your staff will be added to the FNW Hudl and Whatsapp that day.

I will send you an invoice and W9.  FNW is part of Jackson Elite Consulting (LLC), so school business offices will have not hurdles to jump for payment.

Email: culture@coachrandyjackson.com


About half of our members pay with a credit card and it is no problem at all!

You can pay all at once, or I can set up automatic payments.


Click the image on the right to pay all now, or email me to set up payments. 

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In 2008, I was the head coach at Lone Oak H.S. (TX), and joined the Tony Franklin System.  The cost to get in was around $2,500 and WORTH EVERY PENNY!  Coach Franklin will always be on my 'Mt. Rushmore' of coaches who pulled the curtain back for me on playing simple and fast. 

- FNW does not have live in-person clinics but 40+ live zoom clinics so the overhead is very low.

- I want individual coaches to be able to learn, so membership is low enough to pay out of pocket.  Monthly payments are $62 a month! (less then some of us pay for Starbucks each month!)

- My heart is to serve coaches.  If you want in and need me to work with you, ask and the answer will be YES!

"FNW is an answered prayer!  Over the years, our playbook (like everyone else's) had grown too large and had become a 'bunch of plays'.  We bought in to 'The Big 3' philosophy and are playing faster and scoring more than we ever have!  We advanced to the state finals for the first time in school history and are averaging 52 points per game in the two years we have been playing FNW!

Head Coach - Virginia

Enrollment 1,100